This play is uniquely designed to marry the intrigues and rich cultural interplay of forces that made 14th century Lagos the melting pot of modern Day Nigeria. It will in this its second coming expertly marry the modern day socio economic development of modern day Lagos with the vestiges of traditional Lagos.

It will seek to highlight the progress achieved so far as we push towards creating a global city with some of the best infrastructural development in a third world city with the 5th largest economy in the world while not losing its ancient field interspersing the story of the powerful Akitoye and Kosoko ruling families as they struggle for continued dominance.

The 70-minute production is Executive Produced by Edgar Joseph and legendary showbiz impresario Olisa Adibua ably supported by Iconic Actor and TV presenter, Yemi Shodimu making his debut as franchise Producer. William Benson who directed the debut is making a comeback as Director.



Most of the original cast led by indefatigable Yemi Shodimu is returning but this time the spotlight would be on young and upcoming Wunmi Dada who will come of age as the princess who will be led by His Excellency on a tour of modern Lagos. A tour that would open her eyes to the magic that is modern day Lagos thereby opening her to a strong leadership position when she returns to her 14th century homestead.

Wunmi Dada would headline this production with 70 of the most talented and energetic young but extremely gifted acts with age demo graphs ranging from 13 to 35 years. It will be a predominantly young but experienced cast deliberately casted to cater for the millennials who are suddenly discovering theatre in their droves.

Wunmi is extremely popular with this set with a social media following running into several thousand as  result of her rich body of work spread over theatre, TV and motion pictures. She is presently playing lead on the very popular DSTV TV Drama JEMEJI where her character Folake is the most followed on Facebook because of the expert way she has handled the role, she is better positioned as the next break out star in the industry.

Yemi Shodimu and Yinka Davies would be catering for the older demographics who have the wholesale spending power. They both remain extremely popular in that space with Yemi recently anchoring the very popular Lagos State/Access bank Marathon. Yinka Davies on her part has just witnessed a rebirth with her casting in the equally popular DSTV Production – Battleground. This has re-introduced her to the market thereby giving her a very tight schedule with acting and singing gigs both locally and internationally.

Watch out for Chantal Edgar a 13 year old acting prodigy from Greensprings school in Lagos. She was Wunmi Dada’s sidekick in the debut production where she held audiences captive with her maturity and dexterity on stage. She will be returning with a much more metier role