This Play will redefine theatre, opening it up to further interest by global markets. It has been designed to throw up the Bini Culture in such a way that it would leave audiences gasping in a futile effort to catch its breath.

Emotan will play very expertly with some of the most ingenious dialogue mixing it with super creative costuming and niche sound to drop an orgy of theatrical experience.

It will take the highly revered story of EMOTAN to a strong pedestal deepening its immortality and with sweetly choreographed song and dance sequence that would lift the story to dizzying heights of ecstasy and finally dropping it into a trough of tragic consequences designed to leave the audience with the essence of her being and what she represents not only to the Bini culture but to Africa.

Emotan is an audacious move using a powerful Bini story as a vehicle for global conquest while celebrating and forcefully throwing the mythical and hugely revered Bini culture on global consciousness.

The 70 minute production is Executive Produced by versatile Investment banker and Theatre Guru Edgar Joseph and legendary showbiz impresario Olisa Adibua ably supported by Iconic broadcaster and proud Bini man Soni Irabor. William Benson is writing and directing this epic.

EMOTAN is the latest offering from the Producers of Oba Esugbayi the massively exciting Theatre production that was seen by over 12,000 people including the then Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. The robust and strategic media campaign designed to headline the Production reached an estimated 15m people which was arrow-headed by its three weeks stay on the biggest billboard in Africa – the Maryland Mall.

Emotan comes highly anticipated and will receive the Royal Blessings of the Oba of Benin. It is expected to show twice in the ancient City of Benin (October and December 2019) after that will make a triumphant entry into Lagos for a 4day 8 showing extravaganza pulling in an estimated 10,000 physical eyeballs and reaching a massive 30m people. Emotan will be the marquee event of the season.

The Cast

Emotan is going to emerge one of the most entertaining and technically sound theatre productions to feature on a Nigerian Stage. It would weave plots and sub plots through awe inspiring dance and wonderfully delivered renditions in a bid to drop on audiences a technically sound and jaw dropping production.

It is in this regard that we have taken all of one year to cast the major roles. Emotan is an important story culturally so expert care has been taken in securing the best technically sound cast available to the Producers. In reaching this position, the Producers have taken range, quality, delivery, experience and reach into super consideration in making decisions. This is so because of the huge respect the story of Emotan carries with it and the self imposed weight we have given ourselves in making sure we deliver a performance that would make the deity smile as she watches the production from the sky.

Further care has been taken to achieve an exciting mix that brings together experience and the freshness of youth in the casting. This is so to make sure that the Story of EMOTAN catches the interest of the restless youths who would be perfectly introduced to this wonderful cultural icon via our Play.

Aisha Oghosa Shittu is Emotan

This casting took us over one year. In choosing Aisha, her youth, energy and power won us over. She remains one of the most gifted artistes that has emerged in the sector.  Her strong cultural affinity to the story having been brought up by a maternal Grandmother with strong links to the Palace gave her the edge over hundreds who auditioned.  Furthermore, her vocal dexterity and depth also stands her out because Emotan would feature a lot of Bini dirges that continue to capture the imagination of people all over the world.


Fresh from a superlative turn in Bolanle Austen Peter’s The Bling Lagosians, Elvina today is one of the best character actors in the Land. She has lit up the stage in such methodical productions like ‘Hear Word’. Elvina is expected to bring to Emotan the maturity, depth and fire power that has today stood her out as one of the most respected and highly sought-after thespians in the Land. A personal triumph for the Executive Producer who is a lifelong fan having her on Emotan.


Stephanie is a Nollywood Legend who has featured in some of the most genre bending movies earning her stripes. On stage, Stephnora brings power few have seen. Her range is remarkable with stunning personal strength and talent. Naturally gifted with strong stage presence and an uncanny ability to interpret a role like the master thespian that she is. She would be bringing to Emotan the range and character that has made her an unending part of our national life.


Needs no introduction a strong part of the Duke of Shomolu success story. Yemi was Oba Esugbayi and he delivered the kind of performance that lifted the former Governor of Lagos State Mr Ambode from his set to the Stage breaking Protocol in an uncontrollable surge of excitment. Yemi is a Legend and would be bringing to Emotan a powerful burst of energy. Just wait and see.

Watch out for Chantal Edgar a 16 year old acting prodigy recently graduated from the famed Greensprings school in Lagos. She was Wunmi Dada’s sidekick in the debut production of Isale Eko and is presently working on set with the very influential Bikiya Graham Douglas. She will be returning with a much meatier role in Emotan