Loud Whispers

its not always that you get a book, which keeps you reeling in laughter until the last page. Loud Whispers by Joseph Edgar is one of such. You won’t want to drop the book when you start reading it.

Published by Bookvine, Lagos, with forward written by Bolanle Austen-Peters, founder of Terra Kulture, the book is a collection of satires and comic sequences.

It explores complexity of the Nigerian society and events that shaped the country’s recent narratives.

It also dwells on issues such as, the controversy surrounding infamous statue of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, in Ikeja, which he titled, Awolowo Statue: Nothing do am, Aisha Buhari and the Aso Rock clinic and others like, Inflation: A voodoo report, Daisy Danjuma and Nnamdi Kanu: Please don’t do a Mandela.

In Richard Quest and The Case Of The Stolen Jollof Rice, Edgar does not hide his disappointment with the minister’s reaction the assertion that Senegalese cook better jollof rice.

Edgar again is extremely angry about the state of Nigeria’s health sector. He challenges the president’s wife, Aisha, to use her motherly role and nature to help address the sector’s problem.

In page 74, titled, Arthur Nzeribe: No pity here, Edgar dwells on the fall of a once powerful man, Nzeribe.

He writes, “the picture went viral and his people quickly responded. Report was that he was suffering from a stroke and that he was living the last day of his life lonely and in a pitiable state.